ShareFile Data Space Features

Data rooms are essential with regards to M&A transactions, initial public offerings (IPOs), and other company finance actions that require the sharing of highly sensitive docs. Oftentimes, these types of processes are time-critical and efficiency and security become a top priority.

Traditional data rooms have long been used for these kinds of projects, yet today’s digital data space is more versatile, successful and cost-effective. In fact , it may be the new common in report exchange and effort.

Virtual info rooms feature:

Secure, privately owned file safe-keeping and conversation. ShareFile’s cloud-based platform provides bank-level encryption in transit with rest; two-factor authentication and sole sign-on designed for added reliability; multiple data storage locations around the globe.

Easy access to papers and files by name, key word or total text; Integrated Q&A tool just for quick, real-time document translation; Instant upload and download of data files; Flexible entry to data by pre-approved users.

Virtual info rooms also offer a wide range of features to help collaboration between stakeholders.

Pioneers often create completely different investor info rooms for every single stage belonging to the fundraising process. This isn’t required legally, but it is a good idea for ensuring that investors get the information they require at each stage of their analysis.

A good data room will let you make an excellent first impression with investors and build trust that may lead to future investment. Founders can include essential details about their firm in their info room, such as where the business is registered, taxes info, and other information that they feel a buyer needs to verify its legitimacy.

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